The Photographic Nude 2015

LightBox is honored to have Robert Gojević , founder and editor of BLUR magazine , as juror for this exhibit. Blur is an online PDF magazine promoting international creative fine art photography. Blur is published by CREATUS, a non-profit located in Zagreb, Croatia. Blur is an international publication with a team of volunteer photographers and editors from around the world. All accepted images to The Photographic Nude 2015 exhibit will be published in the upcoming April edition of Blur magazine.

LightBox_Robert-Gojevic_Nude 2015


Juror’s 1st Award • Dave Rudin • Nude, Nevada, 2006, #1


Dedicated in Memory of Ruth Bernhard and her Creative Spirit


Opening Reception, Saturday, February 14th, 2015 6-9pm


Award Winners

Juror’s 1st Award • Dave Rudin, Brooklyn, N.Y. • “Nude, Nevada, 2006, #1”

Juror’s 2nd Award • James Wigger • Portland, Or. • “Birth of Stars”

Juror’s 3rd Award • Gerard Berr • Paimpol, France • “Victorienne”

Honorable Mentions

David K. Aimone • Saratoga Springs, N.Y. • “Ana in Window”

Sharon Harris • Laurel Springs, N.J. • “Local Haunt”

Magnus Snorrason • Belmont, Ma. • “Guarded”

Mark Dierker • Debuque, Ia. • “Cave”


Congratulations to the following photographers accepted into the exhibit


Anette Marweld • Billy Monday • Brittney Cathey-Adams • Cassiano Ferraz • Charlotte Niel

Daniel Love • Dave Aharonian • Dave Levingston • David Aimone • Dave Rudin • Diane Kaye

Erica Shires • Gérard Berr • James Wigger • Jim Henderson • John DuBois • Andrew Kaiser

Kristal Passy •   Mark Eifert • Mark Esper • Martin Ježík • Michael Good • Nick Ross

Pat Coddington • Priscilla Stanley • Ralph Hassenpflug • Ray Bidegain • Roger Carl Johanson

Ron Hammond • Selina Mayer • Sheryl Hess • Thomas Robinson • Brett Henrikson

Gary Samson • Gary Schubert • James E. Walker • Russell Jeffcoat • Kristina Petrosiute

Magnus Snorrason • Mark Dierker • Michael Moody • Michael Puff • Ritch Winokur • Robert Brown

Ross Morrison • Sanja Lukac • Sharon Harris • Veronica Green • Victor Chalfant • Vienne Rea


A juried exhibit exploring the artistic and creative view of the body and its form. This exhibit celebrates the nude in photography, welcoming the timeless elegance of a classical study as well as alternative and provocative styles.


Juror: Robert Gojevic of Blur Magazine