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Ozren Senator | Order of St. John

Danas je bio prvi dan Wet Plate fotografiranja za projekt Order of St. John u kojem fotografiram viteze iz udruge „Red zaštitnika grada Zagreba“ koji njeguju period 12-13 vijeka vezan za Red sv. Ivana Jeruzalemskog. Prvi vitez kojeg sam fotografirao bio je Ozren Šenator, potpredsjednik udruge, po zanimanju psiholog u […]


Alex Timmermans

ROBERT | When you look back and take into account your experience in the collodion process, what advice would you give to a beginner who is just entering the world of wet plate? ALEX | In the past few years I have seen many people starting extremely excited with this […]

France Scully Osterman

ROBERT | You jointly established Scully & Osterman Studio at your home in 1991, and you continue to run it. What was its role at the beginning, and has that role changed? FRANCE | Mark and I first established the business before we were married, while living in Bucks County, […]

Mark Osterman

ROBERT | Mark, you are the Photographic Process Historian at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. In your job, you researched and then recreated the evolution of photographic processes based on original writings and examples from the museum, and later taught these processes to the general […]