VAWA (All about violence)


artist statement

VAWA (All about violence) started as a response to the daily news. The news we read is confirmation of our worst fears. A Californian woman strangled and thrown out a window by an ex yesterday, the same day an Australian woman burned to death along with her children by her ex, their father. On a global and local level, we are going backward on violence against women. Right now, more than 10,000 women and children face the possibility of being murdered or seriously injured by their partners or exes. A community continues to disbelieve women who, more than anyone else know what their abusers are capable. Society disbelieves women who live in fear until it is too late.

I started my VAWA (All about violence) as very personal activism against the romantic and domestic violence. It is about the injustice of modern life we read in the news. At that point, it is too late. My photographic images staged, and bruises are not real, it is a visualization of the professional makeup artist. It is simulacra of real life. The spotlight on romantic and domestic violence is always painful and lethal in the worst case. It seems that our world became less emphatic and insensitive. I raise my human voice against the violence of any kind and point my finger on the worst case.

Violence against women is both national and global crisis. It needs struggle, determination, and support to overcome. As a man, I have to speak out in solidarity, face a culture that treats women as inferior objects. My visualization of the violence against women supported by models and makeup artists, beautiful women of different backgrounds. The voice against the injustice we raise together.


2020 | Honorable Mention | This 15th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers | juried by Elizabeth Avedon | new section, only for male photographers: The Feminine Universe


2020 | “VIZURA 2020 – The Time of Extremes”, Zagreb Photo Biennial Exhibition, Zagreb, Croatia
2019 | Rijeka | Korzo | Žene šute i skrivaju svoje lice | 17.9.2019
2019 | Karlovac | Žene šute i skrivaju svoje lice | 25.11.2019
– Dom zdravlja Karlovac
– Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje, Karlovac
– Županijski sud, Karlovac
– Gradsko kazalište Zorin dom, Karlovac
– Gradska knjižnica Ivan Goran Kovačić, Karlovac
2019 | Ivanić-Grad | Žene šute i skrivaju svoje lice | 29.11.2019


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Suzana Anić-Antić, makeup artist Tena Bašić
Tea Šegota, makeup artist Zvonimira Grgić
Ana Ščrbić, makeup artist Tena Bašić
Senka Kušar Bisić, makeup artist Kristina Hošnjak
Ana Vilenica, makeup artist Kristina Hošnjak
Lana Pekarik, makeup artist Kristina Hošnjak
Lidija Sarta, makeup artist Tena Bašić
Vlatka Kos, makeup artist Kristina Hošnjak
Maja Pasalić, makeup artist Tena Bašić
Nera Šimić, makeup artist Zvonimira Grgić
Robert Gojević, makeup artist Zvonimira Grgić