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HRT | znate li sto je ambrotipija

“Starinski fotografski proces wet plate izumljen je 1851. Njime se ručno izrađuju unikatne fotografije na staklu, tzv. ambrotipije (unikatna fotografija na staklu). Danas je u svijetu svega petstotinjak aktivnih fotografa koji se bave ovim kompleksnim i definitivno umjetničkim poslom. Jedini aktivan u nas je Zagrepčanin Robert Gojević.

Robert Gojević’s Dracula video

Making off wet plate photography by Robert Gojević photographer: Robert Gojević video: Deyan Baric, Violete Šunić Makeup Artist: Marija Vrdoljak Hair style: Silvana Zdelar Costume designer: Viktorija Kulonja models: Fani Plosnić, Lana Petanić, Violeta Šunić & Deyan Barić music: Wojciech Kilar from movie Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” soundtrack © March.2015.


“All collodion images, negative or positive, should be varnished. The image bearing silver is on and very close to the surface on a collodion plate and very fragile…” Basic Collodion Technique: Ambrotype & Tintype by Mark Osterman & France Scully Osterman

James Weber

(Robert) | We live at times full of stress, with a chronic lack of free time, and at the same time we enjoy many benefits of technology, of which, digital photography is just one example brought to perfection. What attracted you to the wet plate collodion process, making you leave […]

Robert Kenney

ROBERT GOJEVIC | Tell us when and where you first encountered the collodion process. And how is the wet plate scene in Canada? ROBERT KENNEY | I started this journey about three years ago. I’m a big fan of Sally Mann’s work. She came out with a book entitled “Deep […]

Ian Ruhter

ROBERT | Holga wet plate looks very practical and fun to work with. Was it your idea or have you seen done elsewhere? What do you like most about working with the Holga? IAN | Yes the Holga plates are extremely fun to make. It was refreshing to not have […]

Alex Timmermans

ROBERT | When you look back and take into account your experience in the collodion process, what advice would you give to a beginner who is just entering the world of wet plate? ALEX | In the past few years I have seen many people starting extremely excited with this […]